Gaymers EU Meeple (GEM)

Since January 1st 2022 the Gaymers EU Foundation is accepting contributors. As contributor you can donate a specific amount to the foundation. All donations will be used to cover the different expenses our foundation has. Our contributors will be called the ‘Gaymers EU Meeple’, GEM for short. You will become a GEM from the moment your donation is processed and will last for exactly 1 year.

As GEM you will receive certain perks based on the amount you contribute:

Amount Donated
  • Special Discord tag
On top of all the previous perks you will also receive:
  • 5% discount on merchandise in our webshop
  • Our annual reports and plans for the future
On top of all the previous perks you will also receive:
  • 10% instead of 5% discount on merchandise in our webshop
  • 1 voucher of €20,- discount on a Game Night ticket
On top of all the previous perks you will also receive:
  • Invitation to our annual Gaymers day
  • 15% instead of 10% discount on merchandise in our webshop


  • Special Discord tag:
    As a GEM you receive a Discord tag different than the other server members have, and thus be more visible then others.
  • Option to personalize your merchandise:
    As GEM you can personalize some of the merchandise we sell through our webshop with your own Gaymer tag in different fonts and colours.
  • Copy of our annual reports and future plans:
    Once per year, you will receive a copy of our annual reports en plans for the future so that you as GEM can stay informed on what happened last year and what we have lined up for the future.
  • Invitation to our annual Gaymers day:
    Once per year, Gaymers EU will be hosting an event which you can attend freely as a GEM. During this day we will be presenting our annual reports and future plans followed by a Q&A session. There will also be a surprise activity with free drinks and snacks included.
  • Discount on our webshop:
    Depending on your contribution you will receive a 5%, 10% or 15% discount on all merchandise on our website.
  • Free voucher:
    These vouchers will give you an €20,- discount per used voucher on any Game Night ticket.

Want to become a GEM?

You can find all options in our store. As soon as your contribution is processed, you will be a GEM for a full year.

Stichting Gaymers EU is a voluntary foundation, all participants do this free of income. The board or other volunteers receive no money.
Stichting Gaymers EU is non-profit foundation, al income will be used of achieving the foundation goals.